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The Theraphi Device

uBlissity is excited to introduce you to Theraphi. Invented  in 2016 by Dan Winter and Paul Harris. These two pioneering researchers have a passion for the science of longevity. The two of them have well over 60 years of combined personal experience in this field. They have chosen to build the Theraphi  technology on the knowledge of the most forward thinkers in the last 100 years. The Theraphi Device is more than a merging of one technology with another, much more! Dan and Paul have made key discoveries that will changes the underlying thought process about how to structure energy and how best to use it for rejuvenation. When you are ready for Real Rejuvenation give us a call!

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uBlissity is the largest provider of Theraphi services worldwide. We are both humbled and proud to help usher in this revolutionary sea change technology. uBlissity is a Theraphi certified business partner representing the US West territory.  We offer wellness services with the Theraphi technology and we are the only service provider worldwide to offer both Theraphi leasing and Theraphi sales. Please contact us today if you would like to get involved with the Theraphi technology or are interested in opening a uBlissity in your city.


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The Bliss Shops

We are launching our shops, the first Theraphi Shop, our own uBlissity Shop and The Gift Shop! We will be expanding these as quickly as possible. uBlissity will soon be introducing Bliss Herbs™. Bliss Herbs are organic high quality herbs with Theraphi Activation before shipping! Watch for Bliss Herbs in the uBlissity shop!!


Theraphi Testimonials

Read what others are reporting from their experiences using the Theraphi Device. Theraphi Testimonials are not medical claims  they are only user feedback therefore if you have any medical questions you should contact a licensed medical practitioner.

Theaphi David Testimonial

The Bliss Blog

What is uBlissity? Bliss is defined as a perfected state of happiness and uBlissity is you being in that perfected state. The Bliss Blog intends to help you reach this state by sharing upbeat content and knowledge. So if you would like to learn the ins and outs of Theraphi please join us!

Theraphi ubloxing and setup


The Documentary

Theraphi is a new technology, so new the world has not yet awoken to its power. With your help uBlissity intends to help change this! Please visit the Theraphi Me Documentary page for more information and how you can be a part of the shareable wave. Because this project has just launched we are only in the beginning stages. If you are working with Theraphi technology and would like to participate in the Theraphi Me Documentary please email us.




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Las Vegas, Nevada
Grand Junction, Colorado
Santa Maria, California
Auburn, California
Grants Pass, Oregon
Quenca, Ecuador
Sequim, Washington (soon)
Redding, California (soon)


Phone: (833) 254-7733
Website: www.theraphi.me
Email: uBlissity@theraphi.mePlease help us spread the word, donations are used to spread awareness.


The evidence of rejuvenation
at the cellular level, while compelling, is still anecdotal.

uBlissity does not practice medicine or provide any healthcare services and Theraphi is not a medical device.

uBlissity is a “Wellness Services” business with a no touch energy balancing approach.